Pop Up Event Marketing Ideas That Work

Are you looking for Experiential Event Ideas For Brands?

Pop up event marketing has become a growing phenomenon and is a popular, trendy alternative to traditional marketing campaigns. Why? Because consumers want to be part of brands, not feel used by them.

We find that often the best way to get your story heard above everyone else’s, is to create memorable experiences in the physical world that spark fan engagement. You can then use these experiences by capturing the excitement in real life and then amplify this virally through digital platforms.

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How about a Pop Up Singing Booth? It works!

The portable karaoke booth is a very effective option that will grab your customer’s attention. It’s different, it’s new and it provides a very fun interactive experience for everybody and any brand.

The SingPod is the biggest and most luxurious booth on the market and can hold up to 10 people at a time. Inside has the highest quality sound system, studio-quality acoustics and interactive technology that allows your brand to capture data in a variety of ways.


Create an event with a Portable Karaoke Pod & Video Booth 


Use the portable booth to get near to your customers anywhere in the UK. Use it to create an atmosphere and buzz that stands out from the competition. There’s nothing quite like belting out ‘Mr Brightside’ or getting sassy to some Spice Girls to ensure your customers are pumped up! 

You can also use the SingPod to take photo’s, video’s, GIF’s, Boomerangs and capture user’s data so you have some valuable content to use on social media and some valuable data to remarket to. 

From this, you will be able to initiate a brand-related conversation with your SingPod guests and you’ll have their undivided attention. 

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Will a karaoke pod work for your brand?


The portable karaoke booth to hire works for whole a variety of brands by using the experience of karaoke a consumer magnet, not necessarily as a representation of what you do.

So draw your customer’s in with an exciting experience, grab their attention and then incorporate your brand or product. This works similar to the age-old tactic of pulling passers-by to you with a bowl of sweets. However, this modern karaoke machine hire creates emotional connections and memorable experiences, which is proven to stick in the mind of your con

If you have other ideas for your pop up shop using the pod, then we’d love to hear from you too. We have a variety of pod uses and could incorporate games, apps, websites, product demos, testimonials and quiz’s, to name but a few.

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Conclusion on the Karaoke Booth Hire 

Creating an immersive experience with a live event or pop up shop, will draw customers to you and your brand. The SingPod will provide something that is big, bold and it will draw crowds to you. You’ll find people will take photos, they will stop and stare and they will want to get involved. 

Those who do enter the pod and take part will create embedded memories that stick with them. It is a great way to ensure your brand goes viral, with consumer shares and with your own great original content that you create from the SingPod karaoke pod experience.

Claim your spot with the SingPod today, and get in touch to check availability and get a quote.  


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