SingPods For Venues

Advanced Karaoke Systems for Venues

The Ultimate Karaoke Pod for Venues

SingPods is the perfect solution for to seamlessly introducing karaoke into your venue.

By utilising just a small amount of spare space, SingPods provide an exciting new entertainment option that not only diversifies your offerings but also boosts revenue.

These innovative booths are designed to captivate guests, encouraging longer stays and increased spending as they enjoy a unique, interactive karaoke experience. Add a SingPod to your venue and watch your customer engagement—and your profits—soar.

SingPods for Venues
Explore The Possibilities

Pay to Play System

Singpods can run as a fully automated pay to play system. Like a karaoke vending machine!


SingPods has it's own booking system for pre-booking so you can forecast your karaoke traffic.

Maximum Soundproof

Nightclub- Not a problem! Studio grade soundproofing - you won't hear the singing either.

Photo, GIFs & Video

There is the ability to capture photos, GIFs, Videos & Boomerangs inside the pod so you can share 
the fun!

Lighting Show Control

Make your karaoke room or SingPod more immersive and let users control the lightshow from the SingPods app.

Min. Space Needed

Add in a SingPod where you have spare space. A small footprint that packs a punch!


Karaoke system with Photobooth, GIFs & Video recording!

The SingPod comes equipped with an integrated photo, GIF and videobooth system increasing customer engagement while singing karaoke.

With on-demand sharing of captured moments by SMS or email, users can instantly share their joyous moments on social media or with friends and family, increasing the fun and extending your venue's reach, organically.

Additionally, the option to personalise photos and videos with custom messages or branding turns each shared memory into a unique marketing opportunity, continually attracting new visitors to your venue.

Do more with your karaoke.

Upgrade karaoke rooms to a SingPods® System.

Elevate your venue's karaoke experience by upgrading to a SingPods® System. Our innovative solution enhances your current offerings, providing guests with a state-of-the-art, interactive singing experience that goes beyond traditional karaoke.

With SingPods®, you can offer a more dynamic, engaging, and memorable entertainment option that not only attracts more visitors but also encourages longer stays and increased spending.

The SingPod system includes photos, GIFs, videos as well as audio control, lighting show control and so much more!

Room Installations

A wealth of knowledge in smart systems, Audio Visual and acoustics - SingPods is your long term partner in all things karaoke.

Unrivalled Support

We're not just an app, but  your karaoke partners. Installations, remote support and technicians to keep you live and singing.

Blend the SingPod system into your venue identity.

Custom brand the SingPod®

Integrating a karaoke system that aligns seamlessly with your brand is simpler and more customizable than ever. Our SingPods offer permanent installation options that can be fully customized to embody your venue's unique style and identity.

Ideal for enhancing your venue’s appeal, it's SingPod technology and support, while also serving as a vibrant, branded fixture that attracts and engages your guests. Transform your venue with a SingPod that not only entertains but also resonates with your brand identity, creating memorable experiences your guests will love - and share!

Customise the external wrap

Customise the digital media captured

Customise the karaoke offering and playlists

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